Boots on the ground in Birmingham

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If you are needing Boots on the Ground, here is my experience in Birmingham area

Here is a quick video that I put together of a property that I went to go look at earlier this month. This is in the Ensley area of Birmingham Metro. It’s a property with great potential with a little of damage in the eaves, roof, and windows. It’s a 3/1 which is typical in the area, enclosed front porch, and a deck off the deck (cat not included with house)!

To give a little context from this video, I have been working with a group out of Texas that purchase tax deeds in Jefferson County. These are properties that the property taxes haven’t been paid on it at least 4 years. What I do is go out to the property to take a quick assessment of the property:

  • Occupied/vacant
  • Condition of exterior and possible repairs needed
  • Neighborhood insight
  • Garage/carport/basement considerations
  • Personal opinion on property
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Give me call if you need some eyes on a house!








Google street view is a good start for looking at the condition of the properties but some haven’t been updated in a while if ever. I take a few pictures of the exterior especially if I can tell if it’s vacant. I also confirm the street number on the house to ensure that the house is the correct one. I have run across sometimes that the Jefferson County records aren’t always correct with the street numbering system.

Check back next week when I’ll update the blog about a lock change out that we are doing in the area, and getting to inspect the inside of a property that I checked out back in June.

If you are an out of state investor and are looking for ‘Boots on the ground’ in the Birmingham area please reach out about my services.



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